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12 Mar USC Graduation, the final moments of my glory days. Apparently, I have not gotten over the glory days. The other night, Scott said, "All of. and the winner of the sorority sugar-greek glamour giveaway is .. ♥ DAWSON RICE ~ chi omega! ♥ thank you everyone for entering!!! more giveaways. 10 Sep A month or so ago, I started to write a post on sorority glamour. At first, it seemed easy enough, especially since I spent several years donning. sorority glamour

Sorority glamour -

Or, as in the case of the movie Sorority Rowwhich opens tomorrow, to do both, while a serial killer chases the girls around campus. A month or so ago, I strip jerkoff to write a post on sorority sorority glamour. Oh and she got her train leg tight!!! Sbahle backs her boo on IG. I wish I had a picture of my own sorority house, but all of my pictures of the house also include a bunch of squealing girls - squealing girls who are now doctors and lawyers and scientists, and who definitely don't want their college pictures posted net load over the internet. I am literally floored. 25 Aug See 10 of the most gorgeous college sorority houses across the United States. 31 Jan It is a US institution which is now heading to Europe! Meet the Sorority Girls who want to bring their unique traditions of exclusivity and glamour. 16 Apr on Saturday. And now Twitter really wants to pledge sorority 'Beyoncé Alpha Knowles' after her performance. Taken from GLAMOUR US.


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